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Validated ID +
Validated ID +

Increased speed and safety

Achieving high levels of productivity in your processes includes optimising the usual processes that your organisation usually manages with DocuWare, such as business processes: invoice processing, contract management or the onboarding of new employees

The DocuWare Signature Service integrated with VIDsigner electronic signatures ensures the authenticity of important business information and complies with today's security requirements.


The DocuWare Signature Service integrated with VIDsigner electronic signatures enhances DocuWare workflows and enables organisations to continue to conduct business as usual with legally binding signatures.

Highly secure signature mechanisms:

For people who receive documents to sign:
For employees sending documents to sign:

Biometric signature: The equivalent of a signature on paper on a commonly used tablet.

  • Biometric data, such as pressure and typing speed, are captured and encapsulated in the document with the signature.

Remote signature: The uncomplicated electronic signature for everyone and from anywhere.

  • The customer signs by clicking on a link in the email and entering the code received by SMS. 
  • The system collects all technologically available legal evidence.

For manager:

Centralized signature: The signature with certificates that can be used from any device.

  • Validated ID ensures the safe custody of cryptographic keys on HSM servers and if the signatory needs it is possible to use the certificate of a European Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Enjoy the benefits of being a partner

Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with a secure and fast solution to insert electronic signatures directly into the workflow.
Dr. Michael Berger
President of DocuWare
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